North Central Region

North Central: Table of Contents


    Blackfeet Eagle Shield Center

    Address: 5525 Haul Road, Browning, MT 

    Phone Number: (406) 338-7257

    Programs/services provided: Caregiver Programs, Case Management, Elder Abuse Prevention Program, Emergency Response Systems, Financial Assistance, Government Assisted Housing, Home Health Services, Home Modification, Information and Referral/Assistance, Nursing Facilities, Retirement, Communities, Senior Center Programs, Telephone Reassurance, Transportation, Volunteer Services. They also offer classes for the public to become Personal Care Attendants to the members in the community. A good resource for the clients that are low-income and don’t quite know where to go for help. Or even just want to socialize with others. The at home food delivery would be good for them. Or the younger ones who are job searching and are interested in health field I can refer them here when they offer the free classes.

    Who is eligible to participate? Elders 60+. Handicapped/Disabled persons.

    Blackfeet Early Childhood Center

    Address: 615 S. Piegan St. Browning
    Phone number: (406) 338-7370

    Programs/services provided: Preschool education and traditional education for all 0-5 year old children. Cultural activates such as language incorporated in classroom lesion plans. Family strengthening activities.

    Who is eligible to participate? Children from 0-5 years old.

    Blackfeet Medicine Bear Shelter

    Address: 201 2nd St NW, Browning

    Phone Number: (406) 338-7842



    Programs/services provided: Emergency shelter for ht homeless. Hot meals and counseling are provided. Also a food pantry for the pope of the Blackfeet reservation


    Who is eligible to participate? Those in need

    Blackfeet Tribal Health Improvement Program

    Address: 100 North Piegan Street  Browning Mt
    Phone Number:  406-338-7749

    Email: unknown


    Programs/services provided:  Finding a primary care provider and services you need, providing health education, pickup/deliver medications, schedule appointments for you with your health care provider, Reminders of appointments, test, and procedures, educations a prevention
    services, communicating with your health care provider, assistance and referral to local resources as needed, lifestyle changes to manage and improve your health, and monthly activities and incentives.


    Who is eligible to participate?  Specifically, Medicaid patients. Now entered Tier 2 so activities Can have participant throughout the community. Geared toward youth.

    Fast Blackfeet Food Access and Sustainability Team

    Address: PO Box 2460, Browning

    Phone Number: 406-845-2404



    Programs/services provided: Nutrition education, growing Healthy Tea project, Blackfeet Re3source Directory TEFAP O-yo-p on Wheels


    Who is eligible to participate? All Blackfeet community members, no income guidelines

    Medicaid Eligibility Program

    Address: 504 Popimi St. Browning Mt

    Phone Number: (406)338-4696



    Program/services provided: Medicate applications, will process face to face interviews for anyone.


    Who is eligible to participate? Everyone who qualifies finically

    Northern Winds Recovery Center

    Address: 131 4th avenue NorthEast Browning, MT 59417 
    Phone Number:  406-338-0558



    Programs/services provided:  Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations, Mental Health Evaluations, Substance Abuse Evaluations, Individual Sessions, Group Sessions, Family Sessions, Psychological Testing, Day Treatment (Adult), Targeted Case Management (Adult), Day Treatment (Youth), Targeted Case Management (Youth), Community Based Psyc Rehab & Support, Drug Screening/Intervention, After School Program, Summer Program


    Who is eligible to participate?  Anyone can apply. If you don’t have insurance, you can pay out of pocket per the sliding scale with the program.

    Great Falls

    Alliance for Youth

    Address: 3220 11th Ave S, Great Falls

    Phone Number: 406-952-0018



    Programs/services provided: food, clothing and hygiene products, shower an laundry facilities, ment al health and addiction counseling, suicide prevention, medical and dental care, transportation, connection to employment, education/training and housing, life skills


    Who is eligible to participate: youth and families in need

    Alluvian Health

    Address:  601 1st Ave. N. Great Falls, MT. 59401
    Phone Number:  Medical: 406-454-6973


    Programs/services provided:  Medical services including family medical care, preventative care, acute and chronic illness, physical exams, well child checkups, school/sport physicals, diagnosis and treatment for STDs, and referrals for specialty care. Also provide dental services, behavioral health services, and substance use disorder.

    Who is eligible to participate?  Alluvian states that they provide for anyone regardless of race, sex, religion or income. They especially focus on serving underserved, uninsured and
    underinsured populations who otherwise couldn’t afford healthcare.

    Cascade County Aging Services

    Address: 1801 Benefis Ct, Great Falls

    Phone Number:  406-454-6990



    Programs/services provided: USDA Commodities Supplement Food Program, senior nutrition-meals on wheels, information and referral services, caregiver/respite services, transportation.


    Who is eligible to participate? those seniors 60 years of and older who meet income requirements

    Center for Mental Health-New Directions Adult Day Treatment

    Address: 621 1st Ave. S. Great Falls, MT. 59401 
    Phone Number:  (406)-761-2104

    Email: Unknown


    Programs/services provided: Some services provided include family psychoeducation, illness management and recovery and supported employment. Provides diet and exercise counseling, housing services, suicide prevention services, therapeutic foster care, mentoring, peer support, day treatment, and classes.


    Who is eligible to participate? Young adults, older adults and seniors, LGBTQ, and veterans, are eligible to participate. Additionally eligible are military families, persons with mental illness and substance use disorders, persons with TBIs, persons with PTSD, and trauma.


    Address: 425 1st Ave N, Great Falls

    Phone Number: 406-761-3680



    Programs/services offered: Adult Day services, disability services, day services, supported living, work skills and employment, hospice, meals, snacks, health monitoring, transportation services


    Who is eligible to participate:  Families with aging parents, ailing spouse or family member witch physical or mental disabilities that cannot stay at home safely by themselves

    Emilie Center of Great Falls

    Address: 1920 10th Ave S. Great Falls

    Phone Number: 406 -771-6695



    Programs/services provide: Provide clothing and home goods for those who have vouchers from Opp. Inc, St Judes, Health care providers, Job Service, care Coordination’s and the Salvation Army


    Who is eligible to participate: Those with vouchers

    Gateway Treatment Center

    Address: 26 4th Street N. Great Falls

    Phone Number: 406-727-2512



    Programs/services provided: Prime for Life, ACT, minor in possession, peer support services, Family programs, therapeutic living communities.


    Who is eligible to participate: Anyone suffering from addiction to alcohol or meth

    Great Falls Community Food Bank

    Address: 1620 12th Ave N. Great Falls

    Phone Number: 406 452-9029



    Programs/services provided: food distribution, Backpacks4kids


    Who is eligible to participate: Those in need

    Opportunities Inc.

    Address:  905 1st Ave. N., Great Falls, MT. 59403
    Phone Number:  406-761-0310



    Programs/services provided:  The agency provides free rides to work, housing help and employment opportunities. Opportunities Inc. provides education services, energy assistance, emergency services,
    employment and training services, housing services, and community engagement. Some of the
    community projects include health advisors, parent education and family education programs.

    Who is eligible to participate?  All low-income individuals are eligible to participate. The counties that have opportunities Inc. are Cascade, Choteau, Glacier, Pondera, Teton, and Toole

    St. Vincent de Paul of North Central Montana

    Address: 426 Central Ave W, Great Falls

    Phone Number: 406-761-0870



    Programs/services provided: Food distribution, clothing, bedding, household items furniture, diapers, rent, bus passes and utility assistance


    Who is eligible to participate? Those in need.

    Toby’s House Crisis Nursery

    Address: 421 5th Street N. Great Falls

    Contact Number: 406-770-3191



    Programs and services provided: Crisis nursery provides urgent/emergent care for children age 0-6. There is a safe and nurturing environment for a few hours or all day. There are no income requirement doe services and there are further resources available through the center for parents and care givers


    Who is eligible to participate: children age 0-6

    Heart Butte

    Blackfeet Head Start Program

    Address: 40 Skunk Village, Heart Butte

    Phone Number: (406) 338-5215



    Programs/Services provided: Life support skills, Blackfeet language, traditions, beliefs, values, family and community engagement, parent involvement activities, school readiness activities.


    Who is eligible to participate? Children ages 0-5

    Meagher County

    Section 8 Rental Assistance from HRDC

    Address: 32 S Tracy Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715
    Phone Number: (406) 587-4486



    Programs/services provided: This program allows households to put towards 30% of their adjusted gross monthly income to rent. The difference is subsidized so the household does not have to pay it.

    Who is eligible to participate: Only those who are 50% below the median income level for the area are eligible. Participants must also live in Gallatin, Park, or Meagher counties.


    Youth Dynamics

    Address: 222 Main St. #E, Shelby Mt

    Phone Number: (406) 966-7000



    Programs/services provided: Individual and Family therapy, case management, therapeutic foster care, youth mentors, Parenting education and support, therapeutic group homes, equine assisted therapy, substance use treatment, transitional living skills, therapy for children with highly sexualized behavior and who committed sexual offences.


    Who is eligible to participate? Medicaid funded individuals and families. Private insurance families may pay out of pocked expenses.